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Because it’s Your Wrap, It’s Your Way

Because it’s Your Wrap, It’s Your Way!!

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We’re not talking about chicken wraps. We are talking about digital stickers printed off on vinyl that are “wrapped” onto a vehicle. If you have decided to invest in a vehicle wrap it’s important to know what options are available.

Titan Car Lettering, it’s Your Wrap, It’s Your WayFirst, there is vinyl lettering; most folks simply call it “truck lettering”. This is vinyl which is computer cut and can be placed on the sides or rear of your vehicle. This truck lettering can be your name, your logo, your phone number and the address of your place of business. This is a more economical option which is designed to get the best advertising benefit for your truck while staying economical.

FIAT Vehicle Lettering, Phoenix, AZThen there are partial wraps. You’re getting the big brother to simple truck lettering. It’s like a buffet of truck lettering, vinyl lettering and a digital print. It can vary from the tailgate of a truck to the side of your vehicle, even over windows. With partial wraps, you can add more color, more designs which can make your wrap more visual and exciting. Some examples of partial wraps may be your pool guy who has his logo along with a picture of a guy sitting in a pool tube relaxing or the pest control guy that has the bottom of his side door crawling with insects. Partial wraps take your vehicle wrap to the next level and allow you to make it more interesting and attention getting.

1st Choice Truck Wrap, Phoenix, AZLast, but not least, there are full vehicle wraps. This is the granddaddy of “truck lettering” where your vehicle is completely covered with a digital print, basically a huge sticker covering your vehicle. With a full vehicle wrap you can add any information you choose with a variety of different graphics. However, steer away from adding too much on the wrap because it won’t be as effective.  Too much information for your customers to look at, too “busy” we call it, often times is just a distraction.  With a full vehicle wrap, less is more!

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So exactly what does “less is more” mean? It means that your vehicle advertising is designed by a professional, not by your neighbor’s kid who has Microsoft paint on their computer! A professional design will draw attention to your vehicle and really “drive business to your door”.

Choosing which vehicle wrap is right for you is determined partially by what the purpose of your vehicle is, and partially by your budget. Any of the options will turn your vehicle into a moving billboard, heck; you’ve already paid for the truck so you might just as well get the benefit of the advertising space on it!

About the author:
Dan Deary is president of 1st Impressions Truck Lettering, a 3M Certified Vehicle Wrap shop located in Phoenix Arizona.

Our professional designers, and 3M Certified installers are here to help you get the most out of your advertising dollar. Contact us at 602.253.3332 or use our simple quote form and we will get back to you as soon as possible, it will be no charge to you to get the process started.

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