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What is a vehicle wrap?

What is a car wrap? some vehicle wrap tips

vehicle wraps phoenix - marketingA car wrap is a very important investment in your marketing strategy. You want to make sure that you utilize your car wrap to get the maximum investment and return. A car wrap should have some key pointers that will bring in new prospective clients to your door. The trick to this is you need to perk your customer’s interest and drive them toward an action, but how do you do that? How do you capture the attention of your audience in the 45 seconds that you have their attention? 1st Impressions has some recommendations for the design of your vehicle wrap to jumpstart your business.

  1. Be sure it’s clear what your business offers.

    If people are looking at your vehicle wrap and can’t figure out what services you offer or what products you are selling, how are they going to know if you are the right company for their needs? Make sure that you make it very clear that you can help them!

  2. Figure out your target audience!

    You need to identify who your target audience is and craft a message that will capture their attention.

  3. Keep it Simple and Clear

    Keep your message simple and provide graphics to support your work. You can even include graphics to solidify what services you offer. If you are a plumber, graphics that apply to the plumbing profession won’t hurt.

  4. Less is More

    A lot of times, people want to put more on their wrap so that they can completely fill up their wrap and give potential customers beaucoup amounts of information, and therein lies the problem. Putting too much information on your car wrap can often lead to customers being confused and overwhelmed when they look at your wrap. The more information and pictures on your wrap, the longer it will take to get across to your customers.

  5. What information to put on it?

    Your vehicle or fleet vehicles should clearly state the name of your company or your organization. There should also be a way that the customer can get ahold of you by means of telephone or email. Having your address is also a good idea because they will be able to tell if you are near them or too far out for them. Another idea for what to put on your vehicle wrap is graphics! It is important to show customers pictures of previous work or something that you are selling so they can get a visual. Let your images and graphics speak for themselves.

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1st Impressions can help design a wrap that caters to the needs of potential customers and also reflects your company. Call us or visit us online for a free quote and let us help you create a vehicle wrap to help you get noticed!

1st Impressions is a vehicle wrap shop that has been in the auto wrap advertising business since 1994. We can help turn your company’s vision into a professionally designed vehicle wrap in little down time! Give us a call today at 602-253-3332 or send us an email at for any further questions or a quote on your vehicle(s) today!

About the author: Dan Deary is president of 1st Impressions Truck Lettering, a 3M Certified Vehicle Wrap shop located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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